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Songs are in alphabetical order by the artists first name for easier viewing

Songs are played in a random order while listening to SJR and I am always adding songs, so keep tuning in.

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The Agents

Afternoon At Franco's

Al and The Vibrators
Money Or Love
Al Barry
Hold It
The Allentons
Fallen (versions 1 & 2)
Flying Over Chicago
My Babe
One Day Gone
Take Me To The Dance
Wonder No More

Alton Ellis
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Dance Crasher
Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)
These Eyes
Too Late To Turn Back Now

Alton Ellis and Eddie Parkins
My Heaven
Alton Ellis and Lloyd Williams
Can't Stand It
Alton Ellis and The Flames
Cry Tough (extended version)
Dance Crasher
Don't Trouble People
The Preacher

The Amphetameanies
Last Night
Andy and Joey
Wonder No More
The Angelic Brothers
Ten Virgins
Arthur Kay
Play My Record
Aubrey Adams and Rico Rodriguez
Stew Peas And Corn Flakes
  Baba Brooks
Country Town
Duck Soup
Girl's Town Ska
Independence Ska
Teenage Ska
Watermelon Man
Western Flyer
Baba Brooks and The Trenton Spence Orchestra
Five O'Clock Whistle
Bad Manners
Mambo Ska Number 8
Return Of The Ugly
Sally Brown
Skinhead Girl

Barbie Gaye
My Boy Lollipop
Bibby and The Astronauts
Please Beverley
Bim Skala Bim
Set Me Up Another One
The Bluebeaters
Gimme a Li'l Sign
The Blues Busters
How Sweet It Is
I Don't Know
Love Me Forever
Shame And Scandal
Soon You'll Be Gone

Bob Andy
I've Got To Go Back Home
Bob Marley and The Wailers
And I Love Her
Climb The Ladder
I Don't Need Your Love
I'm Gonna Put It On
Judge Not
One Cup Of Coffee
One Love
Simmer Down
Sinner Man
Ska Jerk
Tell Them Lord

Big Bamboo
Boris Gardner
Commanding Wife
Bunny and Skitter
When The Well Runs Dry

Byron Lee and The Dragonaires
Fat Back
Frankenstein Ska
Jamaica Ska

Byron Lee and The Ska Kings
Last Night Ska
Watermelon Man Ska
The Cables
Baby Why
My Broken Heart
Carla Thomas
Little Boy
Carlos Malcom
Ghost Riders In The Sky
Cecil Lloyd and Roland Alphonso
Oceans 11
The Charmers
Blessed Be
Keep Running Away
Locked Up My Room
Time After Time
Try Me One More Time

The Charms
Carry Go Bring Come
Prodigal Son
So Suspicious
The Rhythm Of Ska
Women's Pen

The Checkmates
Turn Me On
Chico and The Hornets
What's The Name Of That Cookie?
Chris Murray
Brave New Brian
Bring Your Love To Me
Rock Steady
Steady Beat Convention
Thrill Me Up

Chuck Josephs and Aubrey Adams
Du Du Wap
The Clarendonians
Do It Right
Rudie Bam Bam
You Won't See Me

Clancy Ecles
River Jordan
Van Cleef

Clint Eastwood and General Saint
Stop That Train

Clive and Naomi
Open The Door
You Are Mine

Clue J and His Blues Blasters
Salt Lane Shuffle
Cornell Campbell
Don't Want Your Loving
I'll Mash You Down

The Coyabalites
Coyaba Ska/Carry Go Bring Come
Monkey Man
My Boy Lollipop

Skandal Nite
Crucial DBC
I'm Giving Up
  Dance Hall Crashers
He Wants Me Back
Java Junkie

Rudy A Message To You
David Hillyard and The Rocksteady Seven
Father And Son
Hillyard Street
The Fool

Dawn Penn
Feel Like Jumping
I Let You Go

Deals Gone Bad
I'm Sorry
Delroy Wilson
Dancing Time
I Want Justice
Jerk All Night

Delroy Wilson and Slim Smith
Look Who's Back Again
Dennis Brown
Love Me Always
Derrick Harriott
Answer Me My Darling
Derrick and Naomi
I Wish I Were An Apple
Time Marches On

Derrick and Patsy
Housewife's Choice
Love Not To Brag
The Higher The Monkey Climbs

Derrick Morgan and Dr. Ring Ding
I Want A Girl
Derrick Morgan and The Blues Blenders
Ain't That Crazy
Bad Luck On Me
Lagga Head
Tears On My Pillow

Derrick Morgan and The Viceroys
Stumbling Block
Derrick Morgan
Blazing Fire
Do The Beng Beng
Forward March
I Am The Ruler
I'm In A Jam
Lover Boy
People's Decision
Stand By Me
You're A Pest

Desmond Dekker
007 (Shanty Town)
Busted Lad
Fu Manchu
Get Up Edina
Get Up Little Suzie
It's Not Easy
Keep A Cool Head
Licking Stick
The More You Live
My Precious Love
Mount Zion
Sugar Dumpling
That's The Way life Goes

Don Drummond
Cool Smoke
Dr. Dekker
Knock Out Punch
Man in the Street
Ska Town

Doreen Shaeffer
Adorable You
Closer And Closer
Groovy Kind Of Love
Sugar Sugar
Time For Change
Turn Your Lamp Down Low

Doreen Shaeffer and The Skatalites
You're Wondering Now
Dottie and Bunny
Foul Play
Sun Rises

The Dreamlets
Really Now
Dub Street Rockers
The Lion
Duke Reid and His Group
Man May Go
Soul Style
The Rude Boy
What Makes Honey

The Dynamics
The Dynamos with Vic Ruggerio
  Eastern Standard Time
Tick Tock
El Chicano
Viva Tirado
The (English) Beat
Best Friends
Can't Get Used To Losing You
Mirror In The Bathroom
Ranking Full Stop
Save It For Later
Tears Of A Clown
Too Nice To Talk To
Twist And Crawl

Eric "Monty" Morris
Beautiful Garden
Enna Bella
Get Your Feet Moving
Oil In My Lamp
River Come Down
Run Man Run
Solomon Gundie
Strong Man Sampson
Too late
What a Man Doeth

Ernest Ranglin and Jump With Joey
Honky Tonk Parts 1 & 2
Errol Dunkley
Please Stop Your Lying
Ewan McDermottand Primo Davidson
Candy Ska
The Ethiopians
Free Man
Joy Joy
Owe Me No Pay Me
Train to Skaville

  Ferdie Nelson
Ska Down Jamaica
Floyd Lloyd
You're for Real
Frank Anderson and Tommy McCook
Wheel And Turn
Freddie McGregor
Gonna Take Over Now
Freddie McKay
Love Is A Treasure
Funny Man and the Boys
Only Suffering
Bad Attitude
The Gaylads
ABC Rocksteady
Cold and Lonely Night
Fire And Rain
It's All In The Game
It's hard To Confess
Soul Sister
Stop Making Love
Youths Of Tomorrow

The Gaylettes
Silent River Runs Deep
Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday

The Gladiators
Go Jimmy Go
808 PD
Bang The Skillet
Pressure House
Sunday Morning

  Hayward Brice and The Baba Brooks Band
Red Gal Ring
All for You
Can't Wait
Country Time
Dance Wid' Me
Earthquake and Fire
Ooh Ooh A-Hi Hi
Same O' Same O'
Thank You

The Heptones
Obladi Oblada
Save the Last Dance for Me

Higgs and Wilson
Love Not For Me
Highball Holiday
First That Cross Is...
Hopeton Lewis
Boom Shaka Laka
  Ike Bennet and The Crystalites
Illya Kuryakin
Rack 'Em Up
Inspecter 7
Agent 86
Irie Beats
Irie Blues
Isaac Green and The Skalars
High School (Jessica '97 mix)
Israel Vibration
Babylon by Bus
The Israelites
  Jackie Mittoo
Dancing Groove
Got My Boogaloo
Darker Shade of Black

Jackie Opel
Old Rocking Chair
Pictures Of Smoke
Push Wood
Sit Down Servant
The Mill Man

Jackie Opel and Doreen Shaeffer
The Vow
Jamaican Liberation Orchestra
First Class
Lonesome Road
Take Care

The Jamaicans
Ba Ba Boom
Things You Say You Love

The Jetts

Jimmy Cliff
Miss Jamaica
Ska All Over the World
Trust No Man
Wonderful World, Beautiful People
You're The One I need

The Jiving Juniors
Over The River
Joe White
Hog In A Cocoa
Rudies All Round

Joanne Dennis
Don't Cry Over Me
Joey Altruda and The Buru Jazz Ensemble
They Call Me Mr. Knibbs
John Holt
Holly Holy
I Don't Want to See You Cry

Johnny Nash
Hold Me Tight
Joshua Rosen and Roland Alphonso
Step Down (low riff)
Joy White
Dread Out De
Joya Landis
Mummy Out The Lights
Joyce Bond
Do The Teasy
Judy Mowatt
Rock Me
Jump With Joey
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom
Dancin' Feet
El Diablo Ska
Ska Ba
Ska Train
Ton Tok
T.V. Tray
Whitey Palmer

The Jumpstarts
Recover Lover

Justin Hinds and The Dominoes
Corner Stone
Here I Stand
Over The River
Lion Of Judah
Love Up And Push Up
Why Should I Worry

  Keith and Ken
I Won't Leave You Anymore
I Won't Let You Go
Rough and Tough
The Beatles Got To Go

Ken Boothe
Crying Over You
Everything I Own
The Train Is Coming

Ken Boothe and Stranger Cole
Arte Bella
Uno Dos Tres
World's Fair

King Apparatus
Dancing Fools
Death Car On The Freeway
Michael & Anne

King Chongo
King Hammond
King Hammond Shuffle
Skaville UK

King Sporty and The Skatalites
El Cid
King Willy
Dancehall Boy
Spanish Fly

Cactus Ska
La Strade Per Due

  Las Cabriolas
At The Seams
Leaving Town
The Heist

Lascelles Perkins and Clue J
Lonely Moments
Laurel Aitken
Devil Or Angel
In The Mood For Ska
John B.
Judgement Day
Lion Of Judah
Low Down Dirty Girl
Rude Boy Dreams
Save The Last Dance
Skinhead Train
You Was Up

Laurel Aitken and Potato 5
Rocksteady Party
Lee Perry
Sugar Bag
Lee Perry and The Soulettes
Doctor Dick
Lester Sterling
So Long
Lester Sterling and Tommy McCook
Settle Down
Let's Go Bowling
Bone Dry
Cumbia Del Sol
Days All The Same
Fallen Angel
Hot Buttered
Lipstick Glue
Mr. Twist
Pinstripe Suit
Rude 69
Saving Sorries
Solar Shock
Spy market
Take A Walk
The Reburial Of Marcus Garvey
Uncomfortable Sidekick
Water Pump
You Take Me

Lloyd and Glen
Oh Little Girl
Lloydid and Charlie
All Of My Life
The Loafers
Follow My Leader
Lord Brynner
Congo War
Where's Sammy Gone?

Lord Creator
Big Bamboo
Come Down '68
I'm Wasting Time
Kingston Town
Man to Man

Lord Tanamo
I'm In The Mood For Ska
Iron Bar
Night Food
You Belong To My Heart

Los Hooligans
I Won't Go
Lady in Red
Ojos Negros
Till There Was You

Los Mocosos
Brown And Proud
Soul Mocosos

Los Pies Negros
No Hy Vuelta Atras
Los Rudiments
Martians Don't Skank
Los Skarnales
Bomba 48
Lynn Taitt
Twilight Zone
Lynn Taitt and the Baba Brooks Band
Magnificent Ska
Lynn Taitt and The Boys
Storm Warning
Lynn Taitt and The Jets
To Sir With Love
Embarassment (live)
Night Boat To Cairo (live)
One Step Beyond (live)

Marcia Griffiths
Mark My Word
Maroon Town
Average Man
One Day

The Maytones
God Bless The Day I Found You
Melanie Jonas and Dave Barker
Spinning Wheel
The Mellolarks
Romantic Dance
The Melodians
Come On Little Girl
I'll Get Along Without You
Rivers of Babylon
The Last Train To Expo '67
You Caught Me
You Don't Need Me

The Melodies
My Girl

Mento Buru
Ain't That Right
Move It Girl

Mike Mowry
Sweet Old Sounds
There I Go
You Better Believe
The Last Train To Expo '67
You Caught Me
You Don't Need Me

Millie Small
My Boy Lollipop
The Miracles
What Have I Done?
24th Anniversary
Amy Sings
Cactus Juice
Cup O' Joe
El Mundo Canta
The Rhythm Of Ska

The Mohawks
Let It Be
Mystic Bowie and The Pallbearers
Beauty With No Brains
I Am The One
Sixteen Dimples

  Neasdon Connection
Tchaikovski Piano Concerto
New York Ska Jazz Ensemble
Bob barker
Harlem Nocturne
Prime Suspect
See Saw
Teardrops From My Eyes
Yeah Yeah

No Doubt
Up Yours
  Ocean 11
Housewife's Choice
I Am Queen
The Best Of Love

The Orobians
Pugni Chiusi
The Overtakers
Girl You Ruff
Owen and Leon Silvera
Hold Me Tenderly
Man Is Going To eat Man
Next Door Neighbor
Running Around
Skill And Craft

Owen Grey with Clue J and His Blues Blasters
Pam Hall
The Paragons
My Best Girl
On the Beach
The Tide Is High

Peter Tosh
Donít Look Back
Hoot Nanny Hoot
Jumbie Jamboree
Rasta Shook Them Up
Shame and Scandal

Phyllis Dillon
A Thing of the Past
Don't Stay Away
It's Rocking Time
Woman of the Ghetto

Phyllis Dillon and Alton Ellis
Remember That Sunday
Why Did You Leave

Phyllis Dillon and Hopeton Lewis
On the Right Track
The Planet Smashers
Life Of The party
So Happy
Super Orgy Porno Party
Too Much Attitude

Potato 5
Do The Jerk (7" mix)

Prince Buster
Enjoy Yourself
One Step Beyond
Rude, Rude, Rudee
Whine and Grind

Prince Buster and The Allstars
Prince Buster and The Heptones
Have Mercy
Prince Buster and The Skatalites
Ska Ska Ska
The Resistors
Number Two
Rico Rodriguez, Roland Alphonso and Dizzy Moore
The Riffs
Blind date
Dance Music For The Eighties Depression
Monday Morning

Rita Marley
Pied Piper
Rita Marley and The Soulettes
Friends And Lovers
One More Chance
That Ain't Right

Rita Marley and The Wailers
A De Pon Dem
Roland Alphonso
Set Back (Just Cool)
Sucu Sucu

Roland Al and The Soul Brothers
Miss Ska-Culation
Phoenix City
Dr. Ring-A-Ding

Roland Alphonso and The Soul Vendors
From Russia with Love
Streets Of Gold

Roy and Ivonne
No One
The Royals
We Are In The Mood
Rude Boys
Blowing In The Wind
Rueben Anderson
Ambition Of Men
The Rulers
Don't Be a Rude Boy
Wrong 'Em Boyo

Sangre de Mozart
La Juana
Save Ferris
Under 21
The Scofflaws
A Shot In The dark
Daniel Ortega

See Spot
Cancion De Amor
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Mind Your Own
Needles & Pins
No Not Me
The First Time

The Selecter
On My Radio
The Selecter
Too Much Pressure
Whip Them Down

Shenley Duffus
The Silvertones
It's Real
Midnight Hour
True Confession

Sir Lord Comic and His Cowboys
Skaing West
The Siren Six
Stand Still
The Skatalites
Ball O'Fire
Ghost Town
Latin Goes Ska
Love In The Afternoon
Nimble Foot Ska
Ringo's Theme Ska
Shot In The Dark
Strolling In
Super Charge
Two For One
When I Fall In Love

Skavoovie and The Epitones
The Skeletones
The Telephone
My Turn
The Slackers
Rude And Reckless
Watch This
You Must Be Good

The Slickers
Man Is Going To Eat Man
Slim Smith
I'll Never Let You Go
Will You Still Love Me

Slow Gherkin
Slasa III
The Soul Brothers
Lawless Street
Sound Demension
My Sweet Lord
Time Is Tight

Special A.K.A
Ghost Town
Little Bitch
Nite Klub
Rude Boys Outta Jail
Rudy A Message To You
Too Much Too Young

The Specs
Don't Change My Song
Spring Heeled Jack
Peg Leg Bates
Steady Ups
Better Days
Stranger and Patsy
Hey Hey Baby
Hold Me
Most Of All
We Two Happy People
When I Call Your Name

Stranger Cole
Rough and Tough
Run Joe
We Are Rolling

Stranger Cole and The Conquerors
Drop The Rachet
Stranger Cole with Owen and Leon Silvera
Koo Koo Do
Stranger, Patsy and Ken
What A Day
The Suspects
Chutney Song
Skinhead Moonstomp
The Tartans
What Can I Say
The Techniques
How I Wish It Would Rain
I'm In Love
No One
Remember I Told You
When You Are Wrong
You Don't Know

The Termites
My Last Love
The Three Tops
It's Raining
The Toasters
Ploughshares Into Guns

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Sweet Peach Queen
Tommy McCook
Always On A Sunday
Heat Wave (Moving)
Peanut Vendor
Sauvitt (a.k.a. Sauvito)
Ska Ba
The Shadow Of Your Smile
The Yellow Basket

Tommy McCook and King Bravo
Blood Clad Eyes
Loving Princess Diana

Tommy McCook and Lord Tanamo
Don Drummond, The Man With The Big Trombone
Secret Love
They Laughed

Tommy McCook and The Supersonics
How Soon
Ska Jam

Tony Scott
What Am I To Do
Toots and the Maytals
54-46 That's My Number
Broadway Jungle
Broadway Jungle 98
I Know
It's You
John James
Louie Louie
Monkey Man
Oh Yeah
She Will Never Let Me Down
She's My Scorcher
Six And Seven Books Of Moses

Toots Hibbert and The Skatalites
Split Personality
Treasure Isle All Stars
Alley Cat Ska
The Tremors
Ride Your Donkey
Flashing My Whip
Undercover S.K.A.
Agent 13
The Uniques
Love And Devotion
My Conversation
People Rocksteady
You'll Lose A Precious Love

Ode To Mr. Davis

The Upbeat
The Upsetters
Mama Ler Her Out
Return Of Django

Val Benett
Take Five (The Russians Are Coming)
Apologia di Renato

The Valentines
Blam Blam Fever
Venus Hill
Separate Lives
This Way

The Vessels
Tall In The Saddle
Victor Rice
Northern Standard Time
Viking's Remedy
I Spend My Time
If You Lose Me
Rain Is Coming
Rocksteady Memories

Voodoo Glow Skulls
Los Hombres No Lloron
Winston and George
Denham Town
Winston Samuel
You Are the One

Yellow Umbrella
Rude Boy Company (live)
4th Generation
Cantaloupe Island
El Mocoso Fideo (Para Aqui)
Greyhound to Chiapas

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