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Tony Luna- trumpet, backing vocals

Eric Cymanski- trumpet
Erik Dewhirst- trombone Paul Lucckesi- alto sax
Todd Doucet- tenor sax Frank Zamora- bari sax
Jim Fox- guitar, backing vocals Rodney Yokota- bass
Shawn Alderette- drums Raymond Gonzales- latin percussion
Max Bennett-Parker- keyboards Randy Young- lead vocals


1.Tony Gets Whacked 2. Mafioso Ska!
3. Any Other Day 4. *Big Pot Popah!
5. Forget Why You Still Think Of Me 6. Shanghai Blues
7. This Thing Of Ours 8. **Just Let me Be A Man
9. I'm Just The Foolish Man 10. True Love
11. You Belong To Me 12. Hannibal

*trombone- Daryl Harmon
**lead vocals- Tony Luna

2005 Released on Shantytown Records and Jump Up Records - #Shanty002