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Los Hooligans, from Fresno CA, and play a nice mix of Jamaican ska, rocksteady and northern soul

They've gone through quite a few member changes through the years
and they've added a few more instruments to make things just a little bit more interesting
but one thing remains the same... they love what they do and they hope you enjoy it as well.

Be sure and check out the the official Hooligans page to see if they will be coming to your area.


The current bunch of Hooligans
Tony Luna- trumpet, vocals Eric Cymanski- trumpet
Matt Carroll- trombone Carlos Romero- tenor sax
Todd Doucet- alto sax Frank Zamora- bari sax
AJ Fox- guitar, vocals Bronson Garza- bass
Tony Montanez- drums Raymond Gonzales- latin percussion
Erica Gamez- keyboards

The original Los Hooligans

(back row, L to R) Pete Hasty (standing), Erik Dewhirst, Benny Torres, Frank Zamora
(front row, L to R) Jenny Surabian, Gary Gerloff, Randy Young, Gus Gomez
Tony Luna (standing)

Photo and logos are the property of Los Hooligans!

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